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Like fitting a . . . July 19, 2010

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Can’t believe I forgot to include this piece of art from etsy.com !


Things I love

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I like birds. Birds on pillows, birds on necklaces, birds on a plane. I feel a little strange admitting this – maybe because another person in my family is obsessed with birds. Great Aunt Bobby – she’s 65.

Want to buy me something? Go to etsy.com and search “birds.” Today I did just that and these are some gems I found: (click on the photos to see the etsy page)

Cute bird print. This would look adorable in my bedroom.

sweet birdies

Felt birds. how cute will these be on a tiny piece of string above my bed? Adorable. Purchased!

Blue bird necklace. I haven’t been wearing much jewelry lately, but i love designs like this one.

Blue bird with cherry blossoms. I LOVE CHERRY BLOSSOMS. I LOVE THIS PILLOW.

Have you ever told a good-intentioned family member that you “like” or “collect” something in passing, and then next Christmas you are bombarded with 25 stuffed monkeys of every shape and color and size? No? Because I even got a monkey that was 2.5 feet tall. He was my new years eve date in 1998. We made out.

So I totally expect my great aunt and I to get matching bird houses and CDs to help identify different birds sounds for Christmas this year. Oh, and this sweatshirt. I’ll have a size small, please.


Football, Futball, and Soccer June 24, 2010

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I grew up in a town close enough to a major state University (with a major football team) that throughout my life I was surrounded by maroon and orange and shouts of “Let’s go . . . Hokies!” every Saturday of the fall. I wasn’t athletic, didn’t follow or play any sports, and generally had no concept of what first and ten, delay of game, or hail mary meant. And I didn’t care. I was more interested in what part I would get in the winter play, my next article in the school newspaper, and whether my parents had found that empty case of beer six-pack of Smirnoff Ice in my trunk. You know, important stuff.

So when choosing a college, the success of the sports program held no bearing on my decision. I picked JMU and then suddenly fell puppy-faced, disgustingly in love with my first boyfriend. He went to Virginia Tech. The home of the Hokies. We still saw each other every weekend, but that sucked and I was insecure, so I decided to transfer. First year at VT? Football, schmootball. I think it was mostly because boyfriend was so into it that I was annoyed it took attention away from me, and therefore felt bitter towards the whole circus that went on each fall semester.

And, as these things tend to do, our relationship ended. By ended, I mean, I flipped my shit and went crazy and he dumped me. I deserved it. But that story need not be told and I would rather bury my past than face it, so back to football! Suddenly I was single and football was a reason to get drunk before noon on a Saturday! Outside! And not get arrested (although there were a few close ones)! I began to really look forward to football games, and the intense excitement if brought to Blacksburg. Those Saturdays were important. I painted my face. I bought a VT jersey. I devoured turkey legs and hid airplane bottles in my coat to pour into soda at the game, like a real fan! It could be quite an event to get ready for each game – there was the tailgating that required a parking spot on campus, hot dogs and hamburgers and coolers and beers, not to mention picking out the correct Hokie outfit to wear for the weather, as Blacksburg winters can get brutal, and staying home in a blizzard-tornado-hurricane was not an option. It is such a great feeling being surrounded by 60,000 other Hokie fans, all very impatiently waiting for that next first down. Even when the temperate is below zero and you can’t feel your fingers anymore.

Fast forward 4-5 years and I’m living in Europe, were football, ahem, soccer is king. Same story: who what when soccer? Meh. But now it’s the world cup and the USA has made it to the second round and HELL YEAH! I love soccer! Damn those refs and their “off side” calls and America-hating! WHERE ARE WE WATCHING THE GAME LATER? Did you see the game? Hey! You! Good game, huh?

As I realized last night, USA (& Denmark) going forward in this tournament is directly proportional to my opportunities to have fun. And it was the same in Blacksburg. Good games = good friends and good beers. And, just like in Blacksburg, the excitement is infectious. The kind of excitement that makes you high-five a perfect stranger and chant U-S-A at an obnoxiously loud volume until you’re throat is sore and your voice is hoarse.

As it turns out, I still may not actually understand what off-sides means, but damn, I had a good time!

(also, Go USA!)


The greatest thing about Denmark June 22, 2010

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Risifrutti. Seriously. This shit is amazing. AMAZING! I don’t know why I only buy a few at a time when every night after dinner i’m like DAMN I COULD GO FOR A RISIFRUTTI. I should be a spokesperson for them. and they should pay me. actually, they should pay me in Risifrutti. Better than kroner!


Dogface June 21, 2010

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It was cold here in Denmark until about 2 weeks ago. Yes, two weeks ago. June 2010 . I was still wearing boots and scarves.  And so was Sampson.


Hi blog

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Hi blog.

It’s been awhile, huh? I think about you all the time. I miss our time together, but looking back, I usually went to you for comfort in stressful times. Life has been equally as stressful as before, when we were together so often, but I suppose I’ve found other ways to deal with it. But listen. It’s not you. It’s me. You’re great. Truly.

Okay fine- You’re right. You’re right! It’s a guy. A guy has been taking my attention away from you, and it’s not fair. Starting today I will pay you the attention you deserve.


FOUND March 24, 2010

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nag champa.

now my house smells like home.